July Update


Sorry folks, it’s been far too long since we’ve given you guys a proper update.  Being busy isn’t a good enough excuse. Anyway, we hope to be doing these more frequently as things start to ramp up!

Over the past six months, we can proudly say that our beer has only gotten better as we dial in our recipes and constantly improve our process and technique.  We’re going to have a very wide range of styles to offer when we finally get open.

We’ve also been approved to open our brewery by the Town of Cromwell’s Planning and Zoning Committee.  We’re very excited to be starting the build-out within the next couple weeks!

Okay, now time for the bad news.  We will be starting on a smaller scale than we originally anticipated.  Back to the good news. This is the fastest way to get our beer into your hands.  We will be building out our ten barrel brewery at the same time. We feel that this compromise works best for everyone.

Since we are opening small to start we will be doing a two phase Kickstarter.  During the second phase we will be offering our mug club, growler club and founders club; since it wouldn’t be fair to offer these if the beer wasn’t readily accessible.

As we start the build-out we won’t be doing many more events, with the exception of Eli Cannon’s 9th Annual Charity Beer Fest on August 6th.  We’re very excited to be attending again and we hope to see some of you there!

We also had the chance to appear on the Full Pours podcast last week.  If you haven’t had the chance to listen yet, check out the link below! Our social media accounts will be much more active as the build-out progresses.  We can’t wait to show you how the building evolves.



-The Coles Road Brewing Crew